The Lab

Who are we ?

Since 1987, Boréalis Laboratoire Photo has established itself in Montreal as a professional photographic laboratory. Offering its expertise to the community of photographers, visual artists, students and all lovers of the image, whether captured on silver film or through the magic of digital.

Our mission

At Boréalis, our mission is simple yet profound: to make the most of your images. We’re committed to giving every shot the recognition it deserves.

A new era in the heart of Mile End

Under the passionate direction of Rachel Labrèche, owner of the laboratory for over 20 years, Boréalis will move in November 2023 to the heart of the Mile-End district, where a strong artistic spirit already prevails. This new location has a single objective: to perpetuate artistic expression and photographic innovation.

The mark of a skilled team

Our dedicated team shares Rachel’s vision, drawing on expertise accumulated over the years to ensure that every image processed at Borealis is treated with the utmost care and attention.

Join us at our new chapter in the heart of Montreal! At Boréalis Laboratoire Photo, we’re not just photography experts, we’re a community passionate about visual art.