Film Development

All developments are made on site

Development takes place every working day. We develop film in all common formats: 35mm, 120, 4×5, right up to 8×10 inch sheets.

Boréalis offers two customized services for the development of your photographic films: cross-processing and push/hold film.

Delay :
Development only 24h/48h
Development, printing, scanning: 3-4 working days

Your images are printed or scanned, sent via Wetransfer or to your USB key.

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How do we develop films?

Developing black & white film is a process that reveals the latent image present on the film after it has been shot. This makes it ideal for creating monochrome silver photographs. It is important to respect the specific development time for each type of film, to obtain the best possible results.

The C-41 process is a standard method for developing color negative films. It works by processing the three light-sensitive layers present on the film, revealing the final color image.

The E-6 process is dedicated to color films that capture the image in three layers (red, green, blue). Unlike the C-41, it can be used to develop color positive films, providing a direct image rather than a negative. These films can then be then projected onto a screen, digitized or examined on a light table, to admire the final colors of the photograph.

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