Film scanning

For anyone wishing to digitize their images, whether on film or paper, Boréalis offers a customized digitization service.

Film and photo digitization is the process of converting analog images, such as photographs printed on paper, into digital files. This process saves precious memories.

Our photo lab tools

Imacon Flextight X5
Professional drum-effect scanner. It allows you to scan at the highest possible quality, one image at a time. It can scan at a true resolution of up to 8000 ppi for 35mm format, 3200 ppi for 120 and 2040ppi for 4×5.

Noritsu HS-1800
A versatile scanner can quickly scan roll film up to 8×12 inch resolution at 300ppi. It is ideal for professional use and scanning large quantities of film.

Fuji SP3000
, This scanner scans 35mm film. This machine can produce 4×6-inch, 6×8-inch and 8×12-inch files at 300 dpi. Scans are only available in jpeg format.

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